Hitting Parking Curbs In Wilmington Delaware Causes car damage

Today we have a great example of how today’s modern car designs can be severely damaged by those parking curbs and parking blocks that are everywhere. Most of today’s car design incorporates a much lower front fascia and grill area. The purpose is for style of course, but also for aerodynamics and engine performance. These parts are only made of plastics and are no match for those concrete slabs that we pull up to. Once damaged, it could cost hundreds if not thousands to repair. What you have to know is that behind the grill area is the air conditioning condenser along with the radiator and now in some models, louvers that channel air through the engine compartment. So, take the time to park properly and go cautiously into the parking space.

If you do happen to strike one of these curbs or even hitting a pot hole, it’s best to have your vehicle quickly inspected or when you’re in for service, mention it to the service desk. If there are cracks or severe damage, replacement may be needed. With todays new cars and all of their sensors built into the bumper and lower fascias, you could have a safety issue that will affect your steering. 

Take a moment to really consider having an inspection performed when you damage your vehicle on parking curbs or anytime you hit any type of curbing. 

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