Synthetic Oil Change and Filter Service in Wilmington and Millsboro

Synthetic Oil Change and Filter Service in Wilmington and Millsboro - Buckley's Auto Care

it's one of the most absolute ways for you to protect your vehicle's engine and the life you'll have together. The service of changing the oil and installing a new oil filter is simple, low cost maintenance that pays off big time over the life of the vehicle. A routine visit just about every six months keeps you capable of getting to work, to school, to the important things in your life. This schedule of five thousand miles is really all you need to adhere to. Of course if you drive more frequently than 10,000 miles per year, an additional stop could be necessary. Remember, oil is the only lubricant that keeps your engine happy and healthy. Today's engines are so well put together which means they have very tight tolerances. If you allow sludge to build up in these small orifices, you will cause premature wear on all internal engine parts. That's when it starts costing you money. At Buckley's Auto Care, we make oil changes easy to schedule and we include some of these great benefits:

Our complete oil change services* include:

  • Synthetic Oil Change (we ONLY carry Full Synthetic) Drain Engine Crankcase Completely Of Old, Contaminated Oil. Place Used Oil in Proper Recycling Container For Disposal
  • Oil Filter Replacement. Remove And Replace Engine Oil Filter - Clean Housing, Install Premium Oil Filter, New Gaskets and Seals. Place Used Filter In Proper Recycling Container For Disposal
  • Check All Fluids (transmission, brake, wiper, etc., when applicable)
  • TiresTires are inspected for wear, age and inflation. Tire tread is measured and all air pressures set to Manufacturer Recommended Levels that are indicated on the Federal Tire Sticker located on vehicle driver side front door.
  • Multi-Point Digital Vehicle Inspection. Our DVI offers a comprehensive view of your vehicle from the wheels up and windows in. You get to see what we see. What's right about your car, what needs attention now and what you should plan for in the future. 
  • Post service road test to assure the service was completed properly. 

At Buckley's Auto Care, we're dedicated to helping you maintain your vehicle for the long term. We focus on your semi and annual services because just like going to a dentist, your vehicle should be looked over every six months so that it remains reliable, safe and dependable. For over 56 years, we've been helping our clients DriveSafe, DriveSmart and DriveHealthy. Come see us today for your next service. Simply call the numbers above or click here to make your appointment. 


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