Oil Change Services in Wilmington

Oil Change Services in Wilmington

Oil changes can sneak up fast if you aren’t keeping close track of them. 3,000-5,000 miles goes by in a hurry – just a few months for most drivers. It may seem like you don’t need to change your oil after that short a period of time, but don’t make that mistake. Oil is the lifeblood of your car, and keeping the oil fresh and clean is the single most important step toward the long-term health of your engine. At Buckley's Auto Care, we make oil changes easy. If it has been more than three thousand miles since your last change, come see us in Wilmington right away.

There are a variety of symptoms that can being to occur in cars that have not had their oil changed regularly. In the best case, you will start to notice more sluggish performance from your engine. The oil will start to clog inside the engine, and things like acceleration will suffer as a result. In the worst case, you can suffer a major engine failure and be facing extremely costly repairs to get back up and running. In some cases, the damage to the engine could total the car if oil has been neglected for a long period of time.

Our complete oil change services* include:

  • Oil Change (we carry Full Synthetic)
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Check All Fluids (transmission, brake, wiper, etc., when applicable)
  • Multi-Point Digital Vehicle Inspection. Our DVI offers a comprehensive view of your vehicle from the wheels up and windows in. You get to see what we see. What's right about your car, what needs attention now and what you should plan for in the future. 

Buckley's Auto Care takes the pain out of an oil change, and will have you in and out faster than you can believe. We only use high quality full synthetic oil and filters. Full synthetic oil is better for your engine's health, and give you longer 5,000 mile intervals between service. We are prepared for all makes and models whether it be Foreign(Japanese/BMW/VW/etc...) or Domestic. Getting your oil changed in Wilmington doesn’t need to take up a big part of your day. You don’t need to put it off any longer – stop in to Buckley's Auto Care today and you’ll be out of here in a hurry!

*Pricing for non-Euro Models starts at $119. Euro Models starts at $149. Pricing includes oil, filter, and labor; shop supplies and haz. mat fees extra.

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