Greg Buckley - Owner of Buckley's Auto Care

Greg Buckley


Owner, Technician, Business Administration, Customer Service. I have been in the business for almost 40 years. Ever since I waited on my first customer when I was 8 years old and did my first oil change at 10, I have enjoyed everything about it. I get a very special feeling when I know I’ve helped someone get to their destination in a safe dependable vehicle. Although, my background is in the automotive field, I also served as a staff sergeant in the Air Reserve at Dover AFB, where I was a Jet Engine Technician. Working the flight line with those C-5′s was a tremendous experience. It introduced me to new technology and allowed me to travel through Europe. And talk about teamwork!” When I’m not furthering my business education and technical skills, my family and I like to travel. We vacation in a different place every year just to see something new. And Patty and I love our weekend day trips. Of course, my golf game always needs improving. As for hobbies, I enjoy learning anything Internet, web, social media, Google and everything else that falls into that category. It’s been a nagging curiosity of mine for quite sometime, so you’ll find me talking tech quite often. I’m always available to listen to your comments or concerns. If you have any places to vacation or play a good round, I like to know that too. Just Email me!

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