Fleet Repair and Service in Wilmington and Millsboro

Are you a fleet owner? We understand that fleet owners need to have their vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. At Buckley’s, we have the capability of maintaining your small to mid-size fleet. From routine maintenance procedures, to major repairs, we’re here to help you and get your vehicle back on the road fast!  And, we have all of the latest technologies to repair your fleet on time and on budget. Call us for details about our fleet services.

Buckley’s Auto Care Fleet Packages Include:

  • Full Vehicle Inspections At Every Service
  • Computer Generated Invoices With Recorded Mileage
  • Priority Service Times To Get You On The Road Quick
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Company Checks Accepted
  • Towing Services Available
  • Diesel Service And Repairs Available 

We are capable of providing service to your fleet of small cars, light trucks, SUV’s or Executive Vehicles. Our range of truck service extends to the 3/4 Ton units. We are able to provide maintenance services on Mercedes / Dodge Sprinter Type Vehicles.

Fleet Pricing And Discounts

With our tiered volume discounts, each fleet is able to earn valuable discounts that continue to go deeper and deeper in the savings pool. We start you start your fleet pricing from the very first service and we monitor all spending activity through our management system. When certain benchmarks are attained, the percentage of discounts increase. From there, the pricing is automatic and placed on every repair order going forward. 

Additional Benefits For Your Company And Associates

At Buckley's Auto Care, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you and maintain your fleet of vehicles. But, we want to offer more. We want to help promote your company to our web audience in the Wilmington, Delaware area. Buckley's Auto Care has a large Internet presence in Wilmington due to our online activity for over 15 years. Over that time, we've become the first choice for many who are searching for auto repair in Wilmington Delaware.

You're Own Company Page On Buckley's

For the privilege of working with your company, Buckley's Auto Care will build out your very own company landing page that includes your company logo along with information about your services. Your page will be shared and include two specially designed coupons for all of your associates to take advantage of. Of course, they will share your special pricing as well. 

Social Sharing

Having the top automotive search site here in Wilmington is great, but we also have the number one social community of 800 active Facebook users, a very healthy Twitter presence and Google + page. Our LinkedIn presence is building to the top as well. We would be glad to help you promote your services and let our community know that you are there to serve as well. 

How Can We Help You?

Give us call today and let's discuss ways that we can assist you in keeping your fleet on the road and in good running condition. We're here to help with even the smallest of tasks, like tire repair, oil changes, light bulbs and more. Of course, we handle more serious situations as well, but we're dedicated to helping any way we can. 

We Provide Service To The Following Companies and their associates:

  • Robino Construction
  • Yasik Funeral Home
  • Strano-Feeley Funeral Home
  • Murphy Growers
  • Tile Market of Delaware
  • Barclay’s Bankcard U.S.
  • Chase Bankcard Services, U.S.
  • Assurance Media
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