CarMax Warranty Repair Now Available In Millsboro Delaware

We are proud to announce to everyone in Millsboro, Longneck, Georgetown and Lewes, Delaware that Buckley's Auto Care is now available to assist you with warranty repairs for any CarMax vehicle you may have purchased. We handle it all, from the first phone call to the final payment. We have been providing this service for over 4 years now in our Wilmington location and now we're bringing it to Millsboro. 

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How It Works

  • It's really quite easy. All you need to do is set an appointment time by calling in or making your appointment online. We ask that you kindly let us know that you do have a CarMax / MaxCare warranty so that we can prepare the right paperwork for you. 
  • Once you arrive, see your advisor to discuss all the issues with your vehicle. Let them know so they can make proper notes for our service teams. Please make sure to have a copy of your contract with you or a number that we can call to verify the contract, the time remaining and for the coverage it allows. 
  • Afterwards, we will begin to verify and confirm the repairs needed and begin the estimating process. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: As with all warranty contracts, you the owner are monetarily responsible for testing and diagnosing the vehicle issues prior to any repairs. If the repairs are covered by your contract, the testing and diagnostic fees will be as well. Please do not assume that all fees will be covered. Everything is always under review by warranty companies and not until they approve the repairs can we act on the repairs or even order parts. 
  • Once we get the formal authorization number from the warranty company, we can proceed with the repairs. If your contract allows, a rental car may be provided by Buckley's Auto Care (if available) or your authorization number will allow you seek out a rental through Enterprise Rental or other rental agencies. 

If you are experiencing any adverse vehicle condition such as those listed below, your MaxCare Warranty may cover the repairs. We will review your policy and verify with the company before any repairs are started. A complete digital inspection of the issue is completed along with a complete estimate to review with you and the warranty company. 

  • Check Engine Light Is On
  • Transmission Not Shifting Properly
  • Steering Or Suspension Making Noise
  • Climate Control
  • AC System Not Working Properly
  • Heating System Not Working
  • Climate Control
  • Cooling System Including Water Pump Leaks Or Radiator Leaks
  • Brakes Are Grinding
  • Battery Light Is On
  • Drive Train Noise Or Rattle
  • Electrical Issues
  • Door Locks Not Working
  • Radio Not Functioning Properly

Payment Process

Once the repairs are completed and all post repair test drives are finished, we will call the warranty company for direct payment. Your only obligation will be for the deductible portion of your policy. The amount can vary depending on the type of coverage and plan that you originally purchased. PLEASE NOTE: Buckley's Auto Care reserves the right to hold any vehicle after repairs that payment has not been provided for by either the warranty company or the individual owner.

Warranties: Buckley's Auto Care offers warranty coverage for all repairs starting at one year or 12,000 miles to up to three years and 36,000 miles. This is dependent upon the actual parts being used and their manufacturers warranty allowances. 

Additional Fees: There may be instances where additional fees for services such as administration, labor, environmental, shipping and handling that the client will be responsible for. Warranty contracts DO NOT COVER these expenses. 

The Deductible: If you have a policy deductible, you will be responsible for paying for it at the time of completion.  

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