carmax maxcare warranty repairs available at buckleys auto care

Welcome to the CarMax, MaxCare warranty information page provided by Buckley's Auto Care. If you are looking for a CarMax warranty center near you, Buckley's Auto Care is your local source to provide warranty services and repairs to your CarMax purchased vehicle. We work directly with your third party warranty company. One call does it all. Our team will help you navigate the CarMax MaxCare program so that you don't have to go it alone. All we require is that you have your policy / contract with you (should be in your glove box) or provide us with the name of the warranty company that was assigned to your vehicle. There are typically only three after market warranty companies that work with CarMax

Have you recently purchased a quality, low mileage used vehicle from CarMax? They are rapidly becoming the number one used car reseller in the country. They're so good, I bought my 2017 Ford F150 from the local Newark, Delaware store. In fact, two other members of our team purchased their low mileage vehicles from them as well. We all had great experiences when purchasing our cars and trucks too! Easy with no hassles. 

The Warranty Procedure

Same goes for the MaxCare warranty plan. All of the warranty companies involved with MaxCare are A+ and make the process easy. Once we have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) we can start the process. We can review your policy to make sure you are still in compliance with mileage and date. Next, we start the testing, inspection and diagnostics to determine just exactly what the vehicle issue could be. Once we know, we report 

If you are experiencing any adverse vehicle condition such as those listed below, your MaxCare Warranty may cover the repairs. We will review your policy and verify with the company before any repairs are started. A complete digital inspection of the issue is completed along with a complete estimate to review with you and the warranty company. 

  • Check Engine Light Is On
  • Transmission Not Shifting Properly
  • Steering Or Suspension Making Noise
  • Climate Control
  • AC System Not Working Properly
  • Heating System Not Working
  • Climate Control
  • Cooling System Including Water Pump Leaks Or Radiator Leaks
  • Brakes Are Grinding
  • Battery Light Is On
  • Drive Train Noise Or Rattle
  • Electrical Issues
  • Door Locks Not Working
  • Radio Not Functioning Properly

After Repairs, Buckley's warranty program begins. We offer additional warranties that range from 1 year or 12,000 miles to a 3 year, 36,000 mile Nationwide Warranty through our NAPA AutoCare Network. (most cars and light trucks) We want to make sure your repairs are done right the first time with a confident warranty to go with them. 

As a bonus, if you are part of our Rewards Program, your warranty repair amount goes toward your Reward Dollars to help you save on maintenance and other services for the future. It's a great win-win! Not part of our Rewards Program? Call and ask for details. 

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