I Hear A Rattle In My Mercedes Rear Wheel

If you’re driving down the road and all of sudden hear a rattle (sort of like a tin can) coming from one of the rear wheels, you may have a situation with the rear parking brake shoes. 


Take a moment to watch our Mercedes video.

The parking brake is designed to safely and securely hold the vehicle in position while parked. Parking brakes come in two different types; brake shoes that are under the rear disc rotors, or a system that compresses the rear disc pads (hydraulically or manually) By applying the parking brake you also place the weight of the vehicle onto the rear wheels, saving stress on the transmission parking pawl. 

We have a case with this Mercedes Benz was giving us a bit of hard time when asked to give up the rattle that was persistently hiding from us.


After checking all of the usual suspects, exhaust, loose sheet metal, wheel areas, trunk, etc., it turns out that the rattle was hiding under the left rear brake rotor. 

The parking brake shoes had worn the friction right off and the shoe hardware had broken allowing the entire rear shoe assembly to become loose enough to rattle under the disc rotor. 


New shoes and hardware was needed so we updated the set on both sides, completed a sturdy road test and let the Mercedes Benz get back on the road safe and sound. 

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