Fighting COVID Burnout? Get In The Car And Drive!

I'll be the first to admit that the COVID reality has been very tough on me as we've gone from fighting the spread, reducing the curve to restrictions, masks in all public places, favorite places closing and restrictions that are curtailing our normal feeling of freedom. No matter what side of the story you fall on, there's no doubt that all of us are affected by the changes, the gap in services or products and most certainly, the isolation. 

Of all the freedoms that we are accustomed to as Americans, these times have put a dent in them. But, there's one thing most of us can do. Get outside. Go for a walk. Get some sunshine. For me, I had to take a DRIVE. Literally get in the car and take a ten hour trip to the beautiful state of Maine. With my wife Patty and my co-pilot, we got to explore the wonders of "The Pine Tree State". Funny to me, but the fall foliage seems to take second seat to the wonderful coastlines as it's jets out further east than most of the eastern seaboard. Amazing views. 

America was built on the desire to be free. Many interpretations as to what "free" is, but we have always been on the go. The automobile is our independent means of achieving some of that freedom. There's nothing like getting into your own car, truck, SUV and going. Somewhere, anywhere. Driving can be fatiguing especially during a daily commute. But it can be so rewarding when you head out on the open road. Places to see, experience and enjoy are all there with the turn of the key (or push of a button). The modern day car offers all of the driver comforts, technology and safety that a road trip is a very, very safe option to travel. 

So, what's can you do to alleviate some of the COVID stress? Take some time and just DRIVE!  


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