Engine Swap On A Ford F150 Engine

Ford F-150 Engine Swap

With the loud knocking noise coming from the left bank of this 2010 Ford F150 pick up truck, we knew that ultimately we would have to change out the engine. The owner elected to go with a cost effective, low mileage used motor that would fit their budget. 

There are a few different ways to remove and engine from these units, but our tech, Ryan Craner, elected to use the "cab-off" method to save time. This involves separating the front cab and lifting it up and away from the engine and chassis, fully exposing the engine and transmission completely. Take a look at the video we've included in this blog post. 

Removing and replacing an engine in a Ford F150 isn't so bad if you can take the cab off. Yes, it does require a lift (for safety and saving time) so I wouldn't recommend this particular procedure if you don't have one. You can take it out through the front (remove a/c condenser, radiator, etc) or via the hood area. 

Our tech, Ryan Craner prefers the "cab off" method so that the entire engine and transmission is exposed for easy transfer and a deeper look into motor mount condition, etc. 

There are 8 bolts to remove from the cab so you can lift it off of the chassis. Be careful. Sometimes the front two bolts can break loose causing you headaches and a lot of time fixing them. 

Overall, this engine swap went pretty clean and smooth. Everything that needed updating was done at this time so the customer has what it takes to go another five years or more.

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