Buckley's Supports Restaurant Workers With Caps, Corks & Cars

Caps, Corks & CarsTM is a strategic fundraising arm of Buckley’s AutoCare, a 53 year old family owned and operated automotive repair center located in Newport, Delaware. Our tradition of supporting our local communities runs deep with decades of helping those in need, when they need it most. Our family has been involved from local to national fundraising efforts and we continue to seek ways where we can be a conduit for goodwill.

With Caps, Corks & CarsTM, our goal is to support the mission of the Delaware Restaurant Association’s EAT initiative, where funds raised go directly to the hospitality workers throughout the state. Understanding that during the current Covid-19 crisis, many of these workers have gone without pay due to the mandatory stay-at-home orders by our Governor.

We realize that people staying home means no one is eating, drinking or socializing at local establishments such as taverns, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and more. Although most are consuming beverages of all types in house, this is devastating to the welfare of over 48,000 hospitality workers and of course, the small business owners who have put their life savings into their businesses. This type of event that we are all going through will dramatically change the way we all work, live and play in the future. Every business will be affected. New business

relationships will need to be established, creativity will be required to spark new avenues of profit, new protocols adhered to and of course as will new ways to serve our client base.

How Buckley’s AutoCare wants to help.The Caps, Corks & Cars™ offers a set a monetary value to each bottle cap, cork, can or bottle, that can only be redeemed through the purchase of automotive services at Buckley’s AutoCare or any other repair center that is engaged with the program. The value can be adjusted at any time by the business who is offering the program. The total value offered for each repair event can be no more than 20 credits which equates to 40 required items.

  • The Breakdown:

  • Bottle Caps = $.50

  • Bottle Corks = $.50

  • Cans = $.50

  • Bottle = $.50

Maximum number of items to be redeemed at one repair event. - 40. (equivalent to $20 in store value)

Additional 2% Earn back Support For E.A.T. Through the GetBeyond Merchant Service Network Chip-In™ Program.

Renew, Recycle, Repurpose. ​​​We have a relationship with RemarkGlass - www.remarkglass.com and owner, Becky Davies. Those that donate bottles can have their favorite bottle made into custom drinking glasses. A great way to have your favorite drink in your favorite glass.

Education,Training, Auto Safety. Ongoing classes related to automotive maintenance and driver safety is available to any member of the DRA. Classes can be held onsite or virtual.


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