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Buckleys Auto Care Loves Supporting The Paul Kares Foundation

Buckley's Auto Care Loves Supporting The Paul Kares Foundation Over the decades of serving our communities with automotive services, we have the pleasure of getting to know and be part of some amazing individuals who share in the desire to give back to the communities they are settled in.  Paul Cullen of Paul's Kitchen and The Room at Cedar Grove, is one of those individuals. I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Paul at a private dinner with friends about a year ago. What an amazing time and experience that was. It was there that Paul explained his mission for Paul Kares; to give kids who are interested in music and the culinary arts the resources to do so. His foundation raises money through hosting some of the best artist in the region at The Room at Cedar Grove, a small, quain ... read more


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I Hear A Rattle In My Mercedes Rear Wheel

If you’re driving down the road and all of sudden hear a rattle (sort of like a tin can) coming from one of the rear wheels, you may have a situation with the rear parking brake shoes.    Take a moment to watch our Mercedes video. The parking brake is designed to safely and securely hold the vehicle in position while parked. Parking brakes come in two different types; brake shoes that are under the rear disc rotors, or a system that compresses the rear disc pads (hydraulically or manually) By applying the parking brake you also place the weight of the vehicle onto the rear wheels, saving stress on the transmission parking pawl.  We have a case with this Mercedes Benz was giving us a bit of hard time when asked to give up the rattle that was persistently hiding from us.   After checking all of the usual suspects, exhaust, loose sheet metal, wheel areas, trunk, etc., it turns out that the rattle was hiding under the left rear brake rotor.&nb ... read more


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Why Do I Feel A Clunk In My Hyundai Steering Wheel?

Why Do I Feel A Clunk In My Hyundai Steering Wheel?    If you are experiencing a clunking type feel in your Hyundai steering wheel, there’s a good chance that you have a broken flex coupler. Now, what’s a flex coupler?  The flex coupler is similar to a universal joint that connects the steering column to the electronic steering motor. It’s purpose is to allow smooth turning when placing the wheels at the extremes - left or right. It also reduces stress on the rest of the steering components.  As you can see in the video, the flex coupler is a small, rubber type bushing that looks like a snow flake or asterisk. The points of the coupler are designed to match the column and electronic steering motor precisely so it can reduce the vibration.  The cost of repair is primarily due to the labor for replacing the coupler as the coupler itself is negligible in the context of the repair. Average time to replace the coupler i ... read more

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