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Auto A/C Repair, Service & Inspection

Auto AC Repair WilmingtonIt’s that time of year that has us rolling up the window, turning the dial to blue and enjoying some nice cold air. Ahhhhh, now that’s what we’re talking about. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is designed to keep you dry when the temps outside are rising up to the heavens. And remember, today’s air conditioning systems are working almost every time you run the car.  That’s why it’s important to have an inspection performed during every summer season.

All the components like the air conditioner compressor, the evaporator, receiver dryer, the condenser, belts, and pulleys need to be inspected for wear so that your system performs like it should.

Why Does My AC System Fail? 

Your vehicle's system is designed to be self contained and last for years. However, unlike your house unit, the automotive system has to work under some extreme conditions everyday. Heat in excess of 200 degrees, all sorts of environments including rain, snow, heat and more. In addition to those elements, your vehicle is not static. Speed and road conditions will all help in the deterioration of your HVAC system. The HVAC system is in simple terms, a de-humidifier. Its purpose is to dry the air by removing the moisture from your cabin area. 

Some of the failure points are:

  • Small Leaks At Connection Points
  • Leaks Can Occur At High Or Low Ports (schrader valve failures)
  • Condenser Leak (Condensers sit at the front of the vehicle - it's the unit that is positioned in front of the radiator)
  • Evaporator failure. - Evaporators are located inside the cabin area, under the dash. They are not visible to anyone. 
  • Compressor failure. - The compressor is like a small engine that pumps the refrigerant through the system. It is turned on when you push the AC button or the Defrost button. 

At Buckley’s Auto Care, we’ll make sure that all areas of your vehicle’s air conditioning system are tested and if any auto A/C Repairs are needed, they will be done promptly at fair and reasonable prices.

A/C Full Check Up includes the following:

  • Check Fan Belts And Pulley Operations
  • Test Vent Temperatures Inside Cabin Area
  • Check Compressor Operations And Pressures
  • Visually Inspect Condenser Area, A/C Lines and Hoses
  • Includes up to 1 lb. of 134A refrigerant
  • Visually Inspect For Leaks
  • Inject System Dye

Stop by Buckley's Auto Care in Wilmington today for your A/C inspection service. Call or click for your appointment today. 

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