Wilmington Used Car Inspections

Wilmington Used Car Inspections | Buckley's Inc.

Purchasing a used car today can be a hazard to your wallet. Why take a chance? We offer three types of used car vehicle inspections that can reduce your chances of buying that lemon. Over the decades, we have seen countless examples of what others have purchased without getting an inspection first. 

If you want to see an example of what some used cars look like from underneath, take a look at our YouTube video from a recent inspection. Keep in mind that this is what unscrupulous people will try to sell you. 


We offer three packages to help you make the right decision on your next used car purchase. All of our packages include the following:

Exterior Inspection 

  • Visual walk around
  • Paint and body evaluation
  • Document scratches, cracks, dents and any rust
  • Undercarriage inspection for any damages or chassis part failures
  • Wheels and tire inspection
  • Check glass for cracks, chips, leaks or other faults
  • Previous accident damage or indication of flooding

Interior Inspection

  • Check instrument cluster
  • Proper operation of all guages and dash lights
  • Turn signal operation
  • Cruise control operation
  • Inspect seats, upholstery, floor mats, headliner
  • Inspect seat belt operation
  • PREMIUM UPGRADE INCLUDES - Computer test to verify operation of electronic components 

​​Mechanical Inspection

  • Under hood inspection of belts and hoses
  • Under hood inspection of electrical connectors, battery condition
  • Visual inspection of fluids, any oil or hydraulic leaks.
  • Visual inspection of engine mount condition
  • On lift inspection of brake system 
  • On lift inspection of exhaust system
  • On lift inspection of chassis components including ball joints, shocks, struts
  • Tire condition
  • 4 mile road test performed (weather permitting and with owners permission)
  • PREMIUM UPGRADE INCLUDES - Our Exclusive Virtual Advisor Digital Vehicle Inspection. Our DVI is the best. Over 14 digital pictures are taken of all areas of your vehicle with full tech reports on the conditions. The report is sent to your inbox or we can even send it to the seller to make them aware of the conditions. 
  • OBD II Computer testing to review vehicle performance, inspect for fault codes and proper operation of power train computer module and it's systems. 
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Excellent service!! Staff very polite and courteous with up to date information regarding how the work is progressing. Their pre purchase check up is the best. They take pictures of all problem areas, give a detailed report of what needs to be done immediately or can wait, and explained why. Best of all respected my decision of what work I wanted to have done. They gave me a time it would be ready and they delivered. This car now runs and handles like brand new and instead of selling it I'm keeping it! I would recommend them to anyone who asked, especially if they were looking for a thorough evaluation.
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