90,000 Mile Service in Wilmington

90,000 Mile Service in Wilmington | Buckley's Inc.

Many years ago, a vehicle that reached 90 thousand miles was nearing the end of its useful life. Engine parts would be wearing out to the point that it did not make sense to repair them, and a new car purchase was usually right around the corner. Thanks to improvements in modern car technology, that is no longer true. A vehicle that receives regular maintenance attention throughout its life can be expected to keep on rolling far beyond the 90k mile mark. If you have a car that is approaching 90k miles and needs to have a service visit, give us a call at Buckley's Auto Care in Wilmington today.

Our 90,000 mile service includes all of the usual fluid and filter changes that you will need to keep your engine in top running condition. The experienced mechanics that we employ are able to diagnose even the most complex engine trouble quickly and suggest the appropriate repairs, if necessary. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, they have seen them all before. Nissan, Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, BMW, and many more have all rolled through our doors over the years. You can trust that we will know exactly how to care for your vehicle and will get it back to you as soon as possible.

What sets us apart from other shops in the Wilmington area? Beyond the experience of our A.S.E. certified technicians and our AAA Approved ratings, we also offer the best customer service around. You will always be treated with respect and greeted with a smile. We want you to feel welcome in our shop at any time, and we are always willing to talk cars and discuss what is best for your vehicle. To get the best possible 90,000 mile service in all of Wilmington, stop in to Buckley's Auto Care today.

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Excellent service!! Staff very polite and courteous with up to date information regarding how the work is progressing. Their pre purchase check up is the best. They take pictures of all problem areas, give a detailed report of what needs to be done immediately or can wait, and explained why. Best of all respected my decision of what work I wanted to have done. They gave me a time it would be ready and they delivered. This car now runs and handles like brand new and instead of selling it I'm keeping it! I would recommend them to anyone who asked, especially if they were looking for a thorough evaluation.
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