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Ah, vacation time. There’s nothing like a little time off from the daily grind. But there aren’t too many things that can be more aggravating than having your car disagree with you right in the middle of the trip. It kind of puts a damper on things, doesn’t it?

Many times, we witness folks that wait until the very last minute to have car issues addressed. Or worse, they neglect the cracked belts, worn hoses, leaking gaskets, low brake pads and low engine fluids that are currently keeping their vehicle together. They just assume that if they’re okay driving around the town now, then they should be just as good driving 100 or so miles without a problem. Well, we all know what can happen when we “assume” things.

For the 2012 travel season, all experts including the folks at AAA, are predicting that most of us will once again travel by car to reach our destinations. Airfare is expected to double in costs starting in April and for most, these increases will divert more families to use the car as their primary means of travel. Even with the higher fuel prices, travel by car will still be the best economical choice for most.

How To Prepare Your Car For The Travel Season

It’s not difficult to have your vehicle prepared for the upcoming season. A quality inspection of the fluids, brakes, tires and chassis by a professional technician will start the evaluation process and planning for repairs and maintenance that goes from immediate need to a scheduled event. One great way to see for yourself just how healthy your vehicle is, would be to ask for our Vehicle Health Check Service. It’s a complete inspection of all of your vehicle’s fluids, brakes, tires, hose, belts and safety lights and more. Top to bottom, you’ll know more about your car, light truck, mini-van or SUV than ever before. And best of all, every Vehicle Health Check performed at Buckley’s Auto Care comes with a full Oil Change and Tire Rotation at no charge.

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Excellent service!! Staff very polite and courteous with up to date information regarding how the work is progressing. Their pre purchase check up is the best. They take pictures of all problem areas, give a detailed report of what needs to be done immediately or can wait, and explained why. Best of all respected my decision of what work I wanted to have done. They gave me a time it would be ready and they delivered. This car now runs and handles like brand new and instead of selling it I'm keeping it! I would recommend them to anyone who asked, especially if they were looking for a thorough evaluation.
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