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Buckley’s Auto Care is now offering a super convenient way to for you to advertise your car, light truck or SUV in one of the most professional networks of other high quality independent repair sites from right here in Delaware and around the country. We’ve just teamed up with Motor Vehicle Connectors and our partnership will allow us to put your vehicle amongst the best qualified buyers who know what the value of a well maintained car is all about.

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Let’s face it. We know that all things can’t last and maybe you’ve had a real itch to get into something new lately. Okay, we certainly understand it and we’ll be sad to see it go. But, why let it go for less? Do you know that placed in the right market, your car can average a higher resale? Trading your car in typically gets you nothing. That “Once In A Lifetime Deal” is just a way for dealers to grab your car CHEAP (usually below wholesale) and then resell it the next day for big profits.

Now, you have the opportunity to make the most off of your gem so that you can make the profits.

Who knows your vehicle better than us? Since we have been your service provider of choice, who else can talk about your car and how well you’ve taken care of it? Your service records are proof

Are you ready to go? Than simply follow this link and sign up to let us advertise your baby with the right people who have thousands of buyers ready to make a deal.

Yes, I want to advertise my vehicle for sale!

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Excellent service!! Staff very polite and courteous with up to date information regarding how the work is progressing. Their pre purchase check up is the best. They take pictures of all problem areas, give a detailed report of what needs to be done immediately or can wait, and explained why. Best of all respected my decision of what work I wanted to have done. They gave me a time it would be ready and they delivered. This car now runs and handles like brand new and instead of selling it I'm keeping it! I would recommend them to anyone who asked, especially if they were looking for a thorough evaluation.
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